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Dr. Rajesh Mareshwari and the staff of Lathrop Urgent Care serve California residents in and around the Lathrop and Manteca neighborhoods. At the facility, the doctor can effectively diagnose and treat many health conditions, including diabetes and obesity.

Diabetes Q & A

Can Diabetes be Prevented?

Defects in how the pancreas produces insulin may not be able to be prevented, but insulin resistant diabetes may be avoided with healthy lifestyle habits and exercise. Individuals who consume a diet full of sugars, additives, and preservatives may be putting themselves at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Eating healthier foods while eliminating those that provide empty calories can help to prevent the cycle of diabetes from beginning. Regular exercise helps to burn off excess glucose reducing the amount that is left in the bloodstream. By lowering the amount of glucose in the blood, less insulin is needed to control it and the body is able to retain some degree of balance.

What are Other Health Conditions Associated with Diabetes?

Because diabetes affects glucose levels, it can have an impact on practically every portion and function of the body. Obesity, nerve damage (also known as diabetic neuropathy), vision problems, urinary tract infections, and a depressed immune system are all health conditions a patient can face once they have been diagnosed as a diabetic. If the diabetes is not brought under control either through diet and exercise or a combination of medications, diet, and exercise, the patient may begin to experience a variety of symptoms from any or all of the listed conditions. Diabetes can progressively worsen if not properly treated which can cause additional problems as a person ages, including reduced circulation.

Can Diabetes be Controlled With Diet and Exercise?

Diet and exercise are effective ways of controlling blood sugar in patients who are diagnosed as pre-diabetic or in the earliest stages of the condition. Exercise burns glucose. With the right type of diet, there is ample amount of glucose in the blood to support all of the bodily functions as well as regular levels of activity. Adding too many sugary foods makes it difficult for the body to burn off the excess glucose, even with ample amounts of regular exercise. Controlling the amount of the sugar in the diet and increasing the frequency and level of exercise can help to lower blood glucose levels, will help to effectively manage many diabetic symptoms.


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