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Lathrop Urgent Care serves many California residents, including those who live in Manteca and Lathrop. Dr. Rajesh Mareshwari is a Board-Certified physician who specializes in the treatment of all aspects of allergy care including allergy shots and maintenance.

Allergy Shots Q & A

How Often are Allergy Shots Required?

Allergy shots are designed to help the body build resistance to the things they are allergic to. The serum used in the allergy shots includes a form of the allergen the person has a reaction to. The serum is injected into the body allowing it to build up antibodies and reducing any sensitivity to the allergen. Allergy shots are normally given once a week until a maintenance dose is reached, then the dosage is increased and the shots are given on a bi-weekly schedule. This continues until a maintenance dose has been reached and the shots are given on a monthly basis. It can take several years for a person to reach that point.

Can More Than one Allergy be Treated at the Same Time?

It is quite common for a person to be allergic to several things at one time. Many times allergy serums are developed that can contain many different allergens. Most doctors limit the number of allergens in each serum to a number they are comfortable with. Some may limit the number to four, while other may include five or six. It is important, however, to be able to narrow down the number in case the patient has a reaction to one or more of the allergens included in the serum. If an allergic reaction occurs, the doctor may have to divide up the injection to determine which allergen is causing the problem.

Will Allergy Shots Always be Needed?

Once a person has received allergy shots for several years, their bodies may have the antibodies they need to control the sensitivities they experience when exposed to their allergens. There are also patients who have undergone substantial physiological changes that have dramatically reduced the body's sensitivity to certain allergens. This is common when children are diagnosed with allergies at an early age and begin to receive allergy shots while they are in their teens. As their body grows and develops, the changes that occur may cause the body to be less sensitive to their allergens.


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